Maui Web Design by Maui I am the full service, ethical Maui webmaster Maui web host and Maui SEO for your Maui business. I am the owner of Maui, Jesse Francis. I treat all of my clients with integrity, respect and patience. I achieve what you imagine. Ask any of my clients about me using the contact info on their Maui websites! You can call me anytime at 808.283.7651 and I will return your call.

Vir-Chew-All is the Premier Online Pet shop based in California Elan Vital Galleries at the Shops at Wailea.
Island Design Center of Maui has designed for the premier resorts and restaurants of Maui. (Molokai Luxury Condo Ke Nani Kai)
Maui Weddings. Maui Wedding Cakes.
Art From the Light by Sarah Jeane. The fine Maui Jewelry and miniature gold and silver sculptures of Alysia Durand Mckee.
Maui Condos. Luana Spa Retreat in the heart of Hana, committed to  highest quality spa services, enhanced by the natural beauty and peaceful environment of Hana. We are also dedicated to the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture, an integral part of the Luana Spa Retreat experience.
Style Tattoo Stencils and Temporary Tattoo body art. Maui Weddings and Hawaiian Ceremonies.

More clients:

Hi, my name is Jesse Francis and I am the sole proprietor of Maui

All Maui websites are made by me. I have no employees and I am skilled with html, xhtml strict, css and work with php programming language and mysql databasing. I am skilled with cross-browser compatibility and internet design. I am skilled with web graphics and photography for the web and also have created some print graphics including 'programs' for events coordinating many advertisers. I have published 7 years of high quality large glossy calendars for Elan Vital. I can create, track and manage search engine marketing. I can write Ad Copy for your business. I can in fact consult with you every step of the way or just do exactly what you want. Please feel free to click on my clients websites and call or email them to find out why they continue to use my services, some after over 15 years.

I am an ethical webmaster:

All domains purchased are owned in your name and I give you all usernames and passwords for your domains and any other services. The same is true of your website hosting. I keep backup copies of all content on sites I work on and if you move to someone else that data is yours. I charge $70.00/hour as of 2016 and bill in quarter hour intervals. I provide detailed work records with every invoice. I have been creating websites since 1995 and have been in business since May of 1999. All work I do for your site is owned by you. This includes scratch files of all graphic work, Ad copy, html, css, javascript, and php code. Once you have paid me for services rendered, you own all of the materials produced for you. Although I can give you $160/year personally monitored webhosting I also work on sites that are not hosted by me. Having me host your website means you do not have to pay me to contact your own server technicians when there are issues. It's all inclusive in the hosting cost.

I continue to educate myself

As the world of web design and information exchange evolve at a rapid rate, you need a webmaster who can keep up with your organizations information needs. The sites I make reflect this knowledge both on the surface and under the hood.

I strive to keep my clients educated

about developments regarding the web, search engine optimization and new technologies involving information exchange. If you would like to consider me as your webmaster, .

I also write content!

I write Ad copy for ads, posts for facebook, independent articles, and have written scores of blog posts for other companies websites. Here's a few independent articles at Article Base
Jesse Francis' Articles.
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